Closed Casket Activities Troy, New York

Metal influenced Hardcore label from Troy, N.Y.

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Track Name: Harm's Way - Darwin
Poison everything, your mind-no more pain, Can’t handle life because inside you’re weak. Natural selection, you’re on the bottom of the chain. Can’t cope with any hope. Watch your life slip down the drain. Those who keep their minds free will always be stronger.
Track Name: Harm's Way - Puppet
Religion: the downfall of man. Do as they do, do as they say. Reciting a book of lies. Mold them to fit your life. Living slave, masters reign, living not to die in vain. Deny truth and you don’t know why. Heaven and hell is what you live for. To pray and save, we all die anyway. False god, you’re just a puppet to faith. Born to die for him. You were told to worship so you would be free from sin. Never question. You chose your path rotting your mind. It’s too late to turn back.
Track Name: Harm's Way - Debase
Confined to my own mind. Waiting to die with every breath. Every second that I’m alive, the more I hate the world around me. Inflicting pain, my mind is racing. Tie the noose born to lose, All the good in my life does not outweigh the pain I feel. I didn’t ask to be put on this earth, but now I suffer hoping for the end. I want to watch the world burn to ashes as long as I live in misery. Wipe my hands from this. I’ve had enough. Wipe my hands from this, this is hell. Cover pain with hate. Cover my pain I can’t take it.
Track Name: Harm's Way - Fantasy
Ideals plaguing every thought, skewing your view of reality. You try to save the world, but it’s too late. The books that we’ve read are filled with lies. Go ahead and protest and waste your life. You think you’ll change the world but unfortunately, you won’t change a thing. I believe in nothing. This world has failed. Your world is just a fantasy. To it you are nothing and that’s not hard to see. Your world is just a fantasy.
Track Name: Harm's Way - King
I won’t bow to a king or god. I do what I want when I please. No laws, no morals will stop me. Nothing will cage me. I won’t follow the sheep. I wont ever be shackled down. I live for myself and no one else. No master will rule. Destroying those who claim me or hold me back. I won’t follow follow the sheep. I won’t ever be shackled down. It will wear the crown.