It Comes In Waves

by The Acacia Strain

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StealthWolfz Some good old classic doom with some core influences. Little bit of Gojira here and there as well. Love it. Favorite track: WAS.
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Sludgewave I adore the entire TAS discography but THIS, this is that album a band puts out without warning just to blow all expectations out of the water. I’m amazed they put something like this out after apparently recording it in tiny bits during touring. Favorite track: NAMES.
-VUK- thumbnail
-VUK- As Acacia Strain albums go, this is not my top pick. Still a cut above the heard, though, not surprisingly. They’re just a great band, and deserve a heap of respect and support. They are consistently killer and just prolific enough to remain fresh. This is a good listen, best I’d say at night after a long day. Keep up the good work, fellas! Favorite track: NAMES.
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OUR 03:44
I never thought I would see you again. (Where have you been?) How can you sleep at night How can we live with ourselves Turn a blind eye Cover your face They are the old and the new They are nothing at all We were wrong Cover your face and smile Dreaming in red Living in blue Dying in black and white Cover your face We’ve been watching you. (Let it all pass through, The heart doesn’t want the truth)
ONLY 02:43
We all fall Into the gaping maw Into the shattering abyss We all fall Into the endless void No such thing as dying Collapsed lung Collapsed reality Relapsing through eternity We all fall Time has no shape, it’s an entity It comes in waves Frozen and floating Vanishing without a trace Frozen and floating Pushing farther away Frozen and floating No signs of life Left somewhere God would never find.
SIN 03:59
Collapsing backwards We should have never answered No reconnect God of death The water made wood The soil turns to snakes And then the sky collapsed And then my mind collapsed This is not a spiritual war Our only sin was giving them names Knowledge passed I was never asked Stampede upon the mind The pearls become the swine The tower has fallen The staircase leads to nowhere This is an attack on the mind I want you to feel what I feel I want you to see what I’ve seen They come crawling Walk alone
WAS 05:45
They always come crawling back And whatever walks there walks alone Only the dead know Tears in the fabric Lurking in the shadows In the doorways of unreality He says his name is death The truth is, he is something worse Experience the true reality Beyond the curtain Beyond all sight and sound Consciousness collapsing all around us This is the veil being lifted They waited. It comes It comes in waves Wishing away the sand Washing away all you love The days of darkness The absence of light Washing away all you love Breath of God Gaze of the old It comes in waves
GIVING 02:54
Whatever walks there walks alone She takes as much as she gives She can see us We are immortal Whatever walks there walks alone These Gods do not believe in us Whatever walks there walks alone No end in sight, No sight in the end Whatever walks there walks alone Self sacrifice for the living and the dead Whatever walks there walks alone
THEM 02:19
Spirit Tomb Sacrificing Fear We will throw orchids, not roses Burning on the funeral pyre of the world Sweet glowing rot dancing in our nostrils Scent is memory, remind us to stop breathing Gravity is life pulling us to the grave Heaven is a void of light You are tied down by your emotions Spiral through the creeping void The tomb is open Anyone that comes near Will retreat in fear of what is inside Devoured by failure We have determined that you are not worthy Gravity is life pulling us to the grave Heaven is a void of light You are tied down by your emotions Spiral through the creeping void
NAMES 08:47
The cradle hangs heavy above the circling wolves And when it falls they will kill us all The ghosts that haunt this earth Are different than you think No ethereal plane, just incomprehensible realities (We have disappeared but we are inevitable And the cell begins to divide) The decision was your own You chose wrong every time You will feel no pain Head back into a dreamless sleep Catatonic unreality Anomalies of the mind There is no wrong, there is no right. They have returned The sun sets on us all Daylight Twilight Full dark I am in the doorway Tomorrow brings new plague I can see the end (of it all) Tomorrow brings new plague Creatures from beyond reality Offering ecstasy Meet the new normal Escape the bonds of consciousness Slip through, slide in I can’t believe what I’ve seen No one should What have I done Abandoned all I held in my heart Violent beings without form Everyone will feel the same pain Sorry will never be enough I T C O M E S I N W A V E S


released December 26, 2019

The Acacia Strain
Vincent Bennett
Kevin Boutot
Devin Shidaker
Griffin Landa
Tom Smith

Tracked and Produced by The Acacia Strain in the Spring of 2019
Mixed and Mastered by Steve Seid of Graphic Nature Audio
Cover art by MFAXII
Additional Vocals on "OUR" by Kyle Rodrigues


all rights reserved



Closed Casket Activities Troy, New York

Independent record label from Troy, N.Y.

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