Incendiary​/​Suburban Scum Split

by Incendiary / Suburban Scum

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released March 24, 2015



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Closed Casket Activities Troy, New York

Metal influenced Hardcore label from Troy, N.Y.

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Track Name: Incendiary - God's Country
In spite of what they say, I'm still not right. Out of body out of mind and out of everyone’s sight. But even through the struggle I still hold tight, leaving the pieces behind makes it easier to feel alive. I need to live, I need to love, not just survive. Force myself, not finished yet, facing fears I thought I’d dreamt. Life don't wait for payment sent and what I've earned hasn't made a dent. This isn't me, this isn't who I was supposed to be - a dead weight hanging on your words. The cast of my mold is cracked and for once in my life it feels good to accept that second place is a finish that we get. The weight of it all is crushing me. I'm trying to reach this level of peace where I feel nothing for anyone or anything, maybe then I can finally sleep. Fighting for survival and trying to kill the pain, searching for the sun in a world that always rains. Fighting for survival and trying to kill the pain, if it's peace I need so be it but I'll always curse your name.
Track Name: Incendiary - Victory In Defeat
You’re too fucking weak to live a day in my head and you’re too fucking scared to realize heaven's hell. You live your life in a rut, with the blinds drawn shut, with your head in your hands like a shot to the gut. Chasing a chance at the top with a smile and a wave, this city is full of fakers, this city is full of graves. No better than the trash on the tracks, blank like concrete on the street. I love the hate I hold. Growing up, I learned how to sit and listen. Now I stand up and take aim from my position. Ripped from the dead minds of the majority and hearing the lies of the civil authority. I'm the fucking gun shoved into your back. They're all dead inside with hollow eyes forcing words upon their tongues to disguise their miserable fucking lives. They are all in the stars, but I'm looking at the gutter.
Track Name: Suburban Scum - Drifter
I thought that I meant something
Now I'm left with nothing
Visions pass, memories
There's a hole where my heart used to be

I burned for you
Please don't extend your hand
I cried for you
Promises never last

Distance makes the heart grow colder
Goodbye drifter, now we're over

Now your body's vacant?
You swear you can't take it?
The cancer has spread through both of us
Now all I have is hatred

How the fuck am I supposed to breathe
When you swore you'd never leave?


Track Name: Suburban Scum - Land Of The Lost
Trying to find the purpose in life
Soul searching for an answer
Land of the lost led my greedy hands
I stand stagnant

I'm caught staring from the outside looking in
Wondering if there's a place for me
Well for me, there isn't, so I live in sin

A clear view seems miles away
I'm still playing catch up
To a world that forgot me..
I'm just a number and a fuck up

This all leads me to believe that I am here for nothing.
Took too much time to figure it out, all I want is to be something.

I have swam
Through the deepest depths of my mind
Living in fear
Fear of what awaits for me
Fear that the end is near

The noose is pulled tighter
Tighter around my neck

I'm fading out

I keep digging deeper
All I know is evil