Cost Of Living

by Incendiary

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released March 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Closed Casket Activities Troy, New York

Metal influenced Hardcore label from Troy, N.Y.

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Track Name: Zeitgeist
Living right under the crumbling empire
Death holds the world in chains, dragged in the dirt behind him.
Burning for change, earning nothing, learning to hate
Modern life is an itch that can't be scratched
Suffer oppression from the politics of fear
The generation of hopelessness is here
In a race to the worst, we are finishing first
This existence is bleak and all our futures are cursed.
Track Name: Primitive Rage
All we know is steel and stone
We're worked to the death, we're worked to the bone
Spreading ourselves thin,striping ourselves bare
We turn the screws too beaten to care
Bottle up with spite, lying dead in the fight
Exposing our skin to parasites
The brain rot of the digital age leave our bodies stuck in a primitive rage
Getting ahead by bowing down and we fuck our heads when we're feeling down
The lives of the desperate are loud
Matched by the noise from the screens
Pretending everything's fine, we save our fears for our dreams
Forcing a reckoning
Set us free.
Track Name: The Power Process
Forgiveness is a virtue that I've yet to achieve
Scars stay raw, time doesn't heal, but deceives
Try to bury the past with dirt from my soul
But there ain't a hole this deep to hold it all
I need so much more from myself
A change in morals, a change in faith
Conviction develop to handle this pain
In a perfect world I'd keep what I earned
But this life forces you to cross the bridges you've burned
I need so much more from myself
Years fall away like sand between my fingers
Looking over my shoulder just to see a clearer picture
Evolution doesn't mean forgetting what you've learned or where you've been
It's self realization achieved, free from the prison we're existing in
But I'll never lose my morals, I'll never lose my faith
I live by the power process to survive on this planet of waste.
Track Name: Burnt Sacrifice
Where is your urgency in this cult of dependency?
The mask of authority covers the enemy
Still living amongst the filth, waiting for apocalypse
Disgusted by what I see, won't be saved, you won't be free
Remove yourself from the collective consciousness
They're living in a box and I'm surviving outside of it
Following the line to find appeasement for pain in vain
Searching for answers while the earth spins
Fever creeps while masses sleep
The rest are awake as we incinerate
And sweep our ashes away
Track Name: Deed Before Creed
We are born without identity, molded by what others want us to be
Resentment in our minds and anger in our hearts
What's left to fill the voids of these empty lives we start?
I'm on the search for something real
Something to hold, something to feel
Our lives begin on the day that we open our eyes
And realize this world will never provide
We're soldiers on the march of death but I'm breaking rank to desert the rest
Modern man is numb from the glow of artificial sun
Realities of revolution and rage buried in the noise of the information age
Our lives begin on the day that we open our eyes
And realize this world will never provide.
Track Name: Snake
Watching the clock until it hits
Waiting for bullshit to stick
Selling the fraud that you spit
Guilty of the crime of influence
You're caught living a lie, seeing through evil eyes
Swindling innocent minds ready to worship the sky
You know exactly what you sell
A build in crowd for you to tell
"Hear my words and find solace from your hell"
And my enemies? Yeah I fucking hate 'em
But I got the guts to say it, you're spewing venom.
Watching the clock 'til it hits
Waiting for bullshit to stick
Selling the fraud that you spit
Guilty of the crime of influence
You're spewing venom.
Track Name: Force Of Neglect
You'll never forget his face, we'll always remember his name
Swearing to serve and protect, the shield becomes a badge of shame
Your blood is running, don't you like the taste
Dominant control, there won't be a trace
Society accepts this force of neglect
The marginalized and weak, those without a voice to speak
You killed the very person that you swore to protect
You serve nobody but yourself, make them feel the pain that he felt
You'll never forget his face, we'll always remember his name
Swearing to serve and protect, the shield becomes a badge of shame.
Track Name: S.O.V.
The cycle's never ending
All the time that we've been spending searching for others blessings
Averting eyes while the sun is setting
With the tick of the clock I feel the hardening
Expel the weakness inside, rid of the poisoning
I see the darkness setting in
Pray to deliver us from our evil ways but we're still waiting
I keep my demons inside because where we're going I'll need them
Dark ages will return
Prepare yourself for the earth to burn.
Track Name: Erase Myself
Bleeding out the cancer from within
Grin and bear the pain beneath my skin
No past, no future
Healing scars with no sutures
Nowhere near where I need to be
This city's weighing down on me
I fill my time with wasting time
With my choices on the line to decide.
Remove my insides, replace them with steel
Weakness is the enemy and is defeated when I no longer feel
Cut the rope so I can breathe
I'm losing my mind while I'm speaking it
And I mean every fucking word
Wasting away, rot and decay, erase myself.
Track Name: Silence Is A Sentence
Left to my own devices
Spending time dealing with my vices
Anxiety rife from lying under the knife
Se things in black and white
I still feel the it in my chest
Still feel the lump in my throat
Still feel the hairs standing up
Every time I hear the whisper of your name spoke
Sick with the sorrow, sick with the sin
Sick of the place I've been stuck in
Can't shake the feeling that there's more to life than what I'm living
I try to describe it, can't find a better way than what I've written
Feelings I've got left, the ones I saved from those you kept
Stay beside me to remind me that I can't rely on anybody else
I swear that I will never rest until everything you love is fucking crushed
And everyone that you hold so dear remains silent with the words that you're dying to hear
I'm sick of the sorrow I'm sick of the sin
I'm sick from the place I grew up in
Alone in my mind, alone in my own mind.